Attracting top tech talent as a start-up can be daunting at times. You have to have the right compensation plans, competitive insurance benefits and all the other stereotypical perks (ping pong anyone?) But if you have any hope of prospective employees signing your offer letters —it’s time you start thinking about amenities. But what is going to give you the edge needed against all of those flourishing portfolios? Let’s look at the amenities that matter most during recruitment season. 


Upgraded Technology  


In an entrepreneurial-focused world where mobility is king, tech is a perk that most workers rank high on their list of must-haves. More than 80 percent of millennials say workplace tech would have an influence when deciding to take a job and over 60 percent of these future employees report that they would rather receive high tech perks at work versus low tech perks like ping pong, according to some research. For instance, at Kiln, we offer super-fast and secure WiFi making it easy to come, plug-in, and get to work from whichever area you choose to work that day. We also have an onsite podcast studio at our Lehi and Salt Lake City location. If you are ready for employees to bang down your door asking for a job, make sure that you find a space that offers a high level of technological benefits.


Dynamic Office Space


Companies such as Google have publicly applauded the benefits of a non-traditional working environment. To start with dynamic office spaces aim to create a flowing work environment where employees don’t have to sit for hours in one area. Instead, workers can move around sitting at traditional desks or lounging in relaxing spaces proven to increase creativity and productivity. Why else would we have bike desks? 


Along with a flexible office arrangement, having extra space to hold events is another aspect that can draw recruits’ interest. Use this space for monthly learning events, group meetings, and lunch and learns. 

Beautiful Office Furnishings


You wouldn’t want to work in an office with old, worn out furniture just as much as your employees don’t. In fact, a survey conducted by Adobe found that employees rank beautiful office space as one of the most important amenities offered by a prospective employer. Don’t let the look of your office bring your business down—make sure your office is as beautiful and as cared for as the work you’re doing.   


In our experience working with some of Utah’s leading businesses, these amenities are what most prospective employees are currently looking for in their new office space. If you're ready to start offering these world-class amenities to employees that have been with you since the start or your latest addition, contact us today. We will walk you through each of the amenities offered through Kiln, as well as, how our membership type can be custom-fit to your business.