We are thrilled to present Inclusion Experience Project

Authentic Conversations in the Workplace: An Experience designed for leaders

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Inclusion Experience Project is a series of unique and intentionally designed Experiences aimed to elevate the consciousness of leaders for the purpose of driving trust, stimulating growth and building a culture of inclusivity in the workplace.

Join us on June 13 for our inaugural Inclusion Experience, Authentic Conversations in the Workplace, where we will focus on the influence of race and gender in our conversations, interactions and decision-making. Over time, the series will focus on other important inclusion topics. This Experience will provide leaders with expert guidance, a safe learning environment and the communications tools they need to foster authentic conversations in the workplace.

Inclusion Experience Project is a collaboration between four recognized community leaders who are equally committed to building a culture of inclusivity in Utah. The creators behind Inclusion Experience Project bring a broad range of perspectives, backgrounds, networks, expertise and, most importantly -- decades of experience building bridges of trust with leaders in the public and private sector. 


We invite you to join us on June 13!

What to expect from us

  • A thoughtfully crafted experience, designed to drive learning for all
  • Conscious learning on sensitive topics delivered in a safe and respectful environment
  • Challenging ideas and deep dialogue aimed toward building trust
  • Creative design, instruction and facilitation led by industry experts
  • Current and relevant content, practical application and personal reflection 
  • E-materials that provide feedback, tips and best practices for continued success

Come prepared to engage with us!

What we expect from you

  • Be “All In” - this is a highly engaging and interactive experience
  • An open mind to open dialogue 
  • Desire to overcome personal, social and cultural barriers to success
  • Shared commitment to building a culture of inclusivity

Build a culture of inclusivity today!

Our shared purpose and goals

  • Ignite self-awareness, self-reflection and personal responsibility
  • Restore the youthfulness and curiosity of learning about differing points of view
  • Higher levels of consciousness and improved communication skills
  • Organic expansion and integration of social and professional networks through carefully crafted experiences 
  • Inspire a culture of inclusivity in any work environment

This Inclusion Experience is for any leader interested in learning and applying inclusive behaviors in the workplace. We believe improved communication on all sides and at all levels will result in reaching the degree of authenticity required to achieve real growth.